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About us

We are a private high-tech enterprise, and mainly engaged in the design, development, production, sale and service of precision DC motors and gear motors. We have a group of specialized talents who have been engaged in the development, production, application and quality management of precision motors for more than 15 years. Our company is operated and managed in strict accordance with ISO9001 Quality Management System.

We specialize in providing customers with driving customization schemes and services! We also have great support and cooperation from domestic first-class part suppliers besides our own advantages in terms of researching, developing and producing driving motors; all of our gearboxes come from AVIC and Zhaowei Machinery & Electronics, ensuring the precision and safety of the whole drive through hard quality. Our products are widely applied to intelligent robots, intelligent home (intelligent door locks/intelligent switches), medical equipment, automobile systems, communication equipment, digital cameras and domestic appliances. Particularly, we have thrown all our efforts in the medical driving and motor lock driving industry to achieve common research and development with customers, integrate high-quality resource chains, optimize quality management in the objective of zero defect, strive to improve advanced equipment and technical level and meet customer requirements, and taken the lead in raising integrated management schemes in the industry; we produce motors, what’s more, provide driving system solutions.

We provide motor driving solutions and services for the world’s most famous intelligent door lock enterprises on a long-term basis. Our motors have a service life up to more than 500,000 times; the service life of a battery unit is more than 150,000 times. Advanced technologies and rich experience have secured our leadership in the industry of electronic locks.



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